Spring 2017, ATS 602: Atmospheric Dynamics II

  • two credits
  • tue/thu 10-10:50, ATS 101
  • instructor: Thomas Birner, office hours: Fri 2-3:30, office: ATS 407
  • ta: Louis Rivoire, office hours: Thu 1-3, office: 406

This course, part II of a two-semester sequence on atmospheric dynamics, provides fundamental theoretical insights into the dynamics of atmospheric flow patterns and their interaction with the general circulation. In most cases the treatment is general enough to be applied straightforwardly to oceanic problems. Our guiding principle will be what is often called potential vorticity thinking and we will make extensive use of potential temperature coordinates. Topics covered are: quasi-geostrophic theory, baroclinic instability, wave-mean flow interactions, equatorial wave theory, Ekman layer. See detailed syllabus for more information.